We’ve been making important performance improvements with our latest versions. You’re welcome to update your Lychee Slicer directly from our website https://mango3d.io/downloads/

If you still experience slow rendering speeds, here are a few elements you can check:

1. Check that your computer meets our recommended requirements. https://mango3d.io/requirements/

Bear in mind that the larger the file and the higher the screen resolution of your printer the more graphics power your computer will need. Our recommended set-up is a reference for 2K and 4K printing. If you are slicing for a 6K, 8K, or 12K printer, rendering time will be slower.

2. Anti-aliasing can also impact your slicing times dramatically https://docs.mango3d.io/docs/lychee-slicer-resin/export-workspace/anti-aliasing/

Not all projects require AA for amazing results. You can tailor your AA settings in Lychee Slicer to best suit your quality goals, your printer resolution and your computer capabilities! 

To find your ideal settings, you’re welcome to join us on Discord to discuss the topics with us and our community. https://mango3d.io/discord

3. Force the High GPU mode in your Lychee Slicer settings. If you are a Windows user, you can also set that Lychee Slicer uses the stronger graphics card on your computer: https://support.mango3d.io/en/support/solutions/articles/79000140105-force-high-gpu-mode-performance-

If rendering is still slow, please send the following elements to our support team: https://mango3d.io/contact-us/