If you have placed a purchase but you do not have access to your Pro features and functionalities in Lychee Slicer, it could be for one of these reasons:

The payment did not go through. If you see the transaction at your end, please contact technical support at https://mango3d.io/contact-us/ so we can double-check at our end.

You accidentally purchased the wrong subscription (if you purchased Lychee Slicer Pro Filament, you will not have access to Lychee Slicer Pro Resin and that's why your Lychee Slicer only has the Free options)

You have several Lychee Slicer accounts with different email addresses. The purchase was successful and the payment went through on your account but you are logged into another account and that's why you only see the Free features.

In doubt, you can contact technical support and the team will be happy to check and confirm what's going on. https://mango3d.io/contact-us/