The batch tool has been designed to save you time and effort on all the repetitive and tedious tasks to let you focus on other steps while it’s working for you.

Located directly next to “Add Files” when you start Lychee Slicer, it is also available above the “Magic” button in the Layout and Prepares workspaces.

The overall process is simple, select files using the input button then an output folder, add the tasks and settings you want to perform on your model selection, and press “Run the batch”.


  • You can select multiple files at once, in various formats, LYS, STL, OBJ, 3MF. (LYT is not supported)
  • The output files can only be a single type per batch, LYS, STL, OBJ.
  • If you need multiple formats you will need to run multiple batches.
    For example, start by orient/scale/support all the files and output them to pre-supported .LYS. Then run another batch just to export each .LYS into another 3D file format much quicker.

A quick list of the steps you can add to each batch of files you process:

  • Prefix, add a prefix to all the file names you save/export/slice.
  • Suffix, add a suffix to all the file names you save/export/slice.
  • Repair, repair the file if possible
  • Scale, add a uniform scaling factor in % to your model
  • Rotate, add a rotation in X, Y and Z.
  • Hollowing 3D, add a 3D hollowing with defined parameters
  • Lift, lift the model from the build plate
  • Auto orient, use the function from the Magic button (Link to the dedicated article) to orient the model based on its shape automatically. 
  • Auto support, add supports to the model automatically based on the tool preferences
  • Parenting, reduce the number of support poles by merging them together(Link to the dedicated article)
  • Bracing, add bracings between supports (Link to the dedicated article)
  • Raft, Add a raft based on the type currently selected and its properties. (Link to the dedicated article)
  • Analyze object Island, detect and mark all the islands on the model, only available if you save as a .LYS file. (Link to the dedicated article)
  • Slicing, slice the model based on your currently selected printer/resin and AA parameters.