The Community Resin database allows any user to find a profile for every printer and every resin reference used by the community.

Users who share their profiles with the Cloud Save feature and give feedback on their print success rate with the Print History allow us to create this tool.


We are still cleaning the database to clear all the duplicate or name errors in the resin references. Some printer profiles will also have more or less entries depending on their popularity.

We will add the possibility later to submit your best profiles. 

In the current state, this feature is a foundation for more awesome features in the future based on this profile database of profiles and printing history.

To access it open the Printers and resins manager windows.

In the Preferences > Printers and resins 

In the export tab, select a printer or a resin.

Click on the active printer/resin name in the bottom left corner in any workspace.

Once open, click on Add New Resin.

You can now filter by Printer Brand, Printer Model, Resin Brand, Resin Name, Resin Color and even additional filters like resolution or success rate.

Select the resin profiles you want to add from the list and click on Add X selected profiles, then the printer profile you want in the drop-down menu.

You can also import a resin profile from a file or add a new resin from scratch like you previously can.


Free users can only access this database if their Cloud Save and 3D Printing History feature are active.

Pro and Premium users have no restriction and can use it even if the Cloud Save feature is turned off.