The object note allows any user to add text information to a specific model and share this model as a .LYS .LYT file with the embedded information.

You can open a note, modify it or even delete it. A note can include basic formatting (Bold, Italic, etc) including web links.

PRO users have the extra ability to lock an object note with a password, by clicking on the padlock icon and entering a password. It is useful for creating notes that include copyright or branding information.

Anyone with access to the password can edit the note. 

Important: Be aware there is no way to recover a lost password once locked!
The creator is the only one capable of editing a note without entering the password.

To access an object note, open the object list and click on the text icon next to the object name you want to edit.

Only a file exported in a .LYS .LYT will keep them.

A model exported in .STL .OBJ will lose any object note information.

The note editor has a basic formating option that are displayed when a text is selected to insert a link, change the style, use bold, italic or display the selection as a comment.

Note: More type of content may be added later, like image, video.