The Support Tag function allows the user to assign one or more tags to a selection of Supports, to perform quick and easy selection later. 

With an active selection of Support in the Prepare workspace, you can access this tool to create a new tag using :

  • The top bar menu: Supports > Tags > Create new…
  • Right-click menu > Tags > Create new…
  • By using the keyboard shortcut ctrl+t

Once created, you can use the same menus to access more options:

  • Assign Tag, to the selected supports
  • Active Tag, to have more information on the tags already applied to your Support(s) selection.
  • Select Supports by Tags, to quickly make a selection based on a specific tag.

A tag name can be edited or deleted using the Assign Tag and Active Tag(s) sub-menu icons.  

Note: Once a tag is deleted from all the Supports to which it was assigned, it is permanently deleted.

Once created, the tags are stored per model in the Lychee Slicer scene files (.LYS or .LYT). 

Note: The tags can’t be exported into an STL or OBJ file.

Tags for Free, Pro/Premium users

Only Pro/Premium users can create, assign and manipulate tags. However, Free users opening a scene including tags will be able to use the existing ones to perform quick support selections, edit the names, or delete tags.