As part of your use of Lychee Slicer, we collect certain data, some of which are necessary for the operation of the software and your account, and some are for analytical purposes.

Below is a list of the data we collect ourselves and store on our servers and the data we analyze but processed through third-party companies.

Please be aware that your data are only used in connection with your use of Lychee Slicer and/or other Mango 3D products. Your data are not sold to any other third party or used for any other purpose than our products. 

  • Basic account information, the one filled when you create your account: first, last name, country, language, eventually address, and billing address. 
  • 3D printer list and associated resin settings (3D Printer section of the software)
  • If the printing history is enabled, the list of exported slices and their associated data:
    • Slice filename and a small thumbnail
    • Resin settings associated with the slice file
    • The comment, rate, modified printing time, if any, that you add into the history entry.
  • Anonymous usage of the application, not bonded to your account, using Google Analytics.

All your payment information, if you are a Pro user, is managed by the company Mollie. We do not store any of your payment information, credit card number, or Paypal information, except the transaction IDs.

No 3D files or 3D models are sent to our servers. All your Lychee Slicer scenes remain on your computer.

If you have questions about your data usage or want to have your data be removed, please contact us through our contact form.