The Antialiasing is designed to smooth the surfaces of your print, by adding extra greyscale pixels on the curvature of your slice. Lychee Slicer provides 2 regular Antialiasing, the V1 and V2, and two extra types, Blur and Blur Stroke.

  • Antialiasing V2: it is the default antialiasing and the one that you should select before exporting. It includes several levels (light to strong effect) and allows you to not apply this effect on support.
  • Antialiasing V1: it's a legacy algorithm that is still available for compatibility with legacy scene / old saved scenes. It is less powerful than V2 and it is not advised to still use it for your prints.
  • Blur: This antialiasing will simply apply a global blur on the boundary of the slice. It has been designed for specific users or for DLP 3D printer users.
  • Blur Stroke: similar to the blur one except that it still keeps a sharp boundary for the slice with an extra blur all around. Same as the Blur antialiasing, it is designed only for very specific needs.