During some operations in Lychee Slicer, your 3D models, as well as the grid or any other 3D data, can disappear while the user interface is still visible and the application is working (menus, etc). Your 3D view crashed, mainly because of a lack of memory available on your computer graphic card.

  • First of all, save your work. Your data are still safe, it is only a 3D display issue.
  • Then quit the application and restart it, the 3D view should be back.

To avoid or minimize this problem:

  • Quit as many applications as possible, except Lychee Slicer. Some applications, while not using 3D data, are using a lot of graphic cards (GPU) memory, like web browsers (Chrome), video applications, or 2D applications like Photoshop.
  • If possible, reduce the number of 3D models in your scene.
  • If possible, load 3D with fewer polygons. A lot of 3D files, especially figurines are sometimes in a resolution (polygon count) that is too high compared to what your 3D printer is able to print. It ends up overloading your computer and Lychee SLicer with more data that it can handle.
  • Upgrade your graphic card with a more recent one and if possible, with more memory. Gaming graphic cards are a great ones, no need to purchase professional 3D graphic cards.